Dana Paxson


I write all sorts of things: electronic authoring and publishing software innovations, patent applications for a law firm, essays on innovations in clean energy and water supply, course mini-lectures for online classes, magazine articles, essays, poetry, and fiction. My e-publishing software patents embrace a single, portable, easy-to-use, Web-friendly presentation of literature and knowledge.

My fiction, published and unpublished, has generated an online presence in Second Life, where the visitor can traverse a 3D setting evoking the fiction, and link into the text of the fiction itself. The tales often stand with one foot in a particular genre and another foot somewhere else.

I study mathematics, medieval and modern poetry, astronomy, molecular neurobiology, linguistics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, digital graphic art, and a few languages. I play MMORPGs for relaxation.

I’ve taught online courses on Tolkien, da Vinci, and Picasso. My fiction is for sale in e-book form for Kindle and Nook. A non-fiction e-book of essays of mine is due out this spring.

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