Barriers to Social Reading Projects

Every project is going to have certain barriers to implementation.  Acknowledging these barriers allows you to be better prepared when an issue arises.  I would like to have a discussion around some of these barriers and their potential implications.

As an example, some of the potential barriers that jump to my mind include:

  • Community buy-in
  • Copyright
  • Resources
  • Long-term Retrieval and Accessibility
  • Fair and balanced, authority/credibility, and “scholarliness”
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About Lara Nicosia

I am the librarian for the College of Liberal Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), which basically means I provide library services for all humanities and social science disciplines. I have my BA in History and Economics, as well as an MS in Library & Information Science, MA in Museum Studies, and CAS in Digital Libraries. I have always been interested in finding innovative ways to leverage new technologies, particularly ways that enhance the learning experience. While I don't have an extensive background in programming languages or computer coding, I do enjoy being able to create things with HTML, XML, JS, PHP and any other new language that I can learn.